Apr 21, 2012


While browsing Gumtree a couple of days ago, I came across an ad for a whole heap of sewing patterns, going cheap. Somebody was cleaning out their pattern stash. I got a chance today to go and check them out, and wow, there were so many patterns!  Literally hundreds.  I wasn't the first to get to them, and quite a few of them had been sold already, but I managed to pick up a few goodies.

 I got all of these for only $10! Can you believe it?

 I can't wait to try some of them out!  I'm just not sure where to start...


  1. wow, they will keep you busy for a while, wish i had your creativity :)

    1. You are creative too! They will keep me busy, I think. I still haven't received that trench coat pattern, can't wait to try that one!