Apr 12, 2012

On a roll

I wanted to do something different for Easter this year, so I decided to try making some crayon rolls for my girls and their cousins. We all went on a big family camping trip - it's a bit of an Easter tradition in our family - so I made up some little packs with a crayon roll, an Easter colouring book and of course the obligatory chocolate egg or two.  I thought they would be handy to take with us and to keep them amused while we were away.  The girls loved them, and I loved how simple they were to make. Google it, if you haven't made one before. There are about a thousand tutes online.

Most of these were made out of scraps I had lying around. I'm a bit of a scrap hoarder, so I love when I find little projects I can make that reduce the size of my scrap pile! 

Loved using all the bright colours in these.

This one makes me think of chocolate - I think it's the chocolatey centre!

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  1. Crayon rolls are great gift idea. And handy for using up scraps too. I found a pattern for a keyring "purse" that I'm going to make up from scraps. Susan