Apr 9, 2012

Hood things come to those who wait

For ages I've been meaning to make some little hooded dresses for my girls.  You know the ones that you can wear before and after you go swimming.  Katherine used to have a little Dora one a couple of years back, and I went looking through boxes of her old clothes to see if I could find it for Ellie to use, but I must have given it away to one of my nieces as we don't have it any more.  Then the other day when I was out I found a bunch of terry towelling for $3 a metre.  It was perfect for this project.

I had a look around online for a tute, but couldn't find anything like what I wanted (plenty of hooded towels, but that was about it).  So I decided to wing it.  I used one of the dress patterns I have lying around to cut out a simple A-line dress shape and then traced around the hood part of a hoodie in their current size.  Then I cut out the hood pieces about an inch bigger all the way around.
They came together really well, and the girls and I are pretty happy with them.

No more shivering while we wait for our swimming lessons to begin!


  1. Great job. These are fantastic. I might have to have a go at one for my little miss. As you say, perfect for swimming lessons.

  2. What great idea! My daughter would love one for swimming lessons...

  3. Thanks :) They are certainly not perfect, and there are a couple of changes I would make if I make them again, but they seem to do the job!