Apr 16, 2012

Autumn Pinnie & Recycled Jeans

Katherine is going through a stage where she insists on choosing her own clothes, which is fine by me as I can just send her into her room in the mornings and tell her to "get dressed." Today she came out wearing one of the dresses I made her a while ago, so I decided to get some photos and finally post it on my blog.  It's McCalls M5613 (view C) with a bit of extra length in the bodice.

She didn't really want to pose and was much happier when I said she could go back to her play-doh.

I spent the better part of yesterday morning turning an old pair of my jeans into some "Strawberry Shortcake" jeans for a certain little girl.  I'd had these old cuffed jeans of mine in my scrap basket for a while, thinking of turning them into *something* eventually.  Anyway, yesterday, I think I was procrastinating about doing the housework and I decided to do something with them.

I used the "Plum" cargo pants pattern from Ottobre 1/11 that I'd already cut out last year, as I didn't want to waste time tracing off and cutting another pattern.  Work with what you have, I say.  Here's a photo of that finished project in action.

I just added an inch or so to the bottom and another inch or so at the top to allow for the fact that she'd gotten taller.  I also trimmed the legs in slightly - the cargos were pretty roomy and I wanted more of a straight leg jean - not too baggy, but not a skinny style either.  I used some scraps to make the belt and a little patch to cover up a hole (don't look too closely at my dodgy applique!).

Might have to find some more old jeans to cut up now...!

Or I could just mop that floor...

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