Apr 1, 2012

Autumn Dress Fest

I was recently inspired by this blog post to create a lace dress for little Miss K. The tutorial can be found here . As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make one.

I used an old lace curtain that I picked up at a secondhand store for $4, and an old calico tab top curtain that I had lying around in my stash. These curtains have served me well - years and years ago we were in a rental that didn't have any window dressings, so I went to Spotlight and bought a whole bunch of these calico curtains for next to nothing to put up throughout the house. We haven't used them as curtains for years but I have kept them for sewing projects and they are awesome!

I dyed both curtains (the calico and the lace) with a pack of Rit dye in 'Rojo Escarlata' which is apparently Spanish for 'pale apricot.' Who knew? Actually, it was supposed to be scarlet but I'm not unappy with the colour. It's just not as vibrant as I imagined.  I put a bow on the front of the dress, which wasn't in the original version but I just felt it needed something extra.

Invisible (ok, partly visible) zip in the back.  Still learning how to do these properly, and it's not my best effort, but it's ok.

I also found an old skirt at the secondhand store, a ladies skirt which I loved the print of and thought it would make a lovely peasant dress. I cut it down to size and made some sleeves from the off-cuts. I kept the original hem and lace trim, and it was lined - bonus - so I kept the original lining in the body of the dress, but not in the sleeves.  I thought it would make a nice Autumn dress, and then in the Winter she could rock it with a little skivvy underneath, some tights and her brown boots.

I also made a little matching headband out of some brown ribbon and some vintage lace I pinched from my Grandma.

I am in love with this next dress.  This was today's project.  The pattern is New Look 6088 and it is super sweet.  I already have more of these dresses in mind and can see myself making them over and over.  I also learnt some new things with this pattern - like the hem facing, and the long sleeve tabs. 

The back has a little button tab opening, which is great as I'm not a big fan of zips. 

Katherine chose the buttons for the front placket, and the ric rac.  I picked up the chambray fabric from Spotlight, on special for $5 a metre.  It was the last metre and half on the roll. 

I did deviate from the pattern a little, with the extra topsticthing and the ric rac on the pockets.  I also shortened the sleeve tabs as Katherine has short little arms.  And I added a little flower iron-on motiff on the pocket too.  As with the lace dress, this little dress looks so cute on - it is a shame I didn't think to take some photos while she was wearing it this afternoon.

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