Feb 20, 2012

Change of a Dress

It's been a while since I've blogged and loads has happened while I've been away.  We've moved interstate, for a start.   Then there was Christmas, and Katherine's birthday.  I've changed jobs.  And in between all of that there has been much sewing... just not much blogging.  Sorry about that.

A while ago, long before any of this stuff happened, I made this dress for Katherine.  Which I also failed to blog at the time. Whoops!

It was supposed to be the Rosy Posy dress from Ottobre 3/11 but I made a few changes and in the end it was not at all like it had started out.  It was quite wide in the bodice and a bit too short. So I trimmed it in at the sides and added a bit of length at the bottom, in the form of a pretty little contrasting strip (not pictured - must have added it after I took this photo). Also, I decided to do a full lining instead of interfacing, and I put buttons in the back because I didn't have a zip on hand and couldn't be bothered making a last minute trip to Spotlight.  Oh, and I left off the ricrac trim, and instead of a ribbon I made my own sash.

So in summary, I made a dress.  Then just after Christmas my Mother-in-law came to stay with us for a while and was kind enough to feed my fabric addiction by buying me some fabric to make the girls some dresses with.  I hadn't done anything with the fabric other than stash it in a drawer in my new sewing room, but then we were catching up with her over the weekend just gone and I decided I had better make one of the dresses up, lest she think I was just hoarding the fabric for all eternity.  So I scaled down the pattern I'd used for Katherine's not-quite-rosy-posy and made up this dress for Elspeth.

I think the yellow really suits her sunny disposition.  

And just because I feel bad whenever I post pictures of one daughter and not the other, here's a pic of Katherine wearing yet another dress I made last year and have yet to blog.

I might get around to it one day!