Apr 22, 2012

Not-so-skinny Cargos

I keep forgetting how tiny my "big" girl is.  I finally got around to making her a pair of skinny cargo pants (from Ottobre 1/2012) only to find they are too big.  I measured her height but I didn't worry too much about the waist as for some reason I thought they were elasticated at the back... nope!  Not to worry, I added some anyway!  The length was spot-on, but they are still a bit baggy in the legs.

Oh well, she will grow into them (eventually).

You can see they are a bit baggy around the bottom where I have cinched them in with elastic.

The side pockets were a bit fiddly to attach, but I'm glad I persevered with them.  They are pretty cute.

She didn't seem to mind that they were a bit big, and was happy to keep wearing them to play in even after I stopped taking photos.

Like most of her clothes, she will probably get a couple of years wear out of them.  I wonder why she stays so tiny?  Must be because of all the energy she burns off.

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