Mar 8, 2011

A few things

It's been a while since I've posted but there's been plenty going on.  I was sick with some kind of gastro or flu type bug last week - the girls both had it, and now Daddy has it too.  I still managed to do a bit of sewing though, and today the weather was absolutely perfect so the girls and I headed outside for a picnic in the backyard while we let Daddy sleep.

We made these Vanilla Satins this morning.  Katherine was very excited about being in the kitchen again (she nagged me to do baking with her the whole time I was sick!).

I love the retro print on this dress, and Katherine looks so cute in it.

I tried to get some photos of the other outfit I made... I don't know if she was bored of me taking photos, or whether it was the fact that she was now loaded with sugar, but she just would not sit still!

This is a smocked top - a McCalls pattern - and some jeggings.  I love how the jeggings turned out!  The top, I'm not sold on.  Felt like it was lots of stuffing around for a fairly average end result, but maybe I was just overwhelmed by it because I was sick at the time I sewed it.

Picking flowers.

Ellie didn't dress for the occasion but was beautiful as always.

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