Mar 22, 2011

All things chocolate

It's certainly the flavour of the month in our household, anyway.

Today I finished a pair of chocolate corduroy pants for Katherine's winter wardrobe.  She's wearing them now, and refusing to take them off, despite the fact that it's pushing 30 degrees here today.

I purchased this fabric online a while ago at a ridiculously cheap price (I think it was something like $2.99 a metre).  It's not the finest fabric around, and at first I was worried it was a little too 'chunky' for little girl's clothing but I actually don't mind how these have turned out at all.

Sorry, could not for the life of me get this picture to format the right way up!

I girlied them up a bit with a cute floral fabric trim, and pocket inserts.  I also made a fabric belt to match.  Katherine chose some buttons for me to decorate the front pocket with as well.

I actually didn't have a pattern for these, although I used the cargo pants pattern for a rough guide (particularly on the front pockets) and just tried to trim the legs down a bit so they were more like a straight-leg instead of a wide-leg.  I put patch pockets on the back.

The waistband (don't get me started on the waistband!) was a pain in the proverbial as I'd decided on doing a mock-fly front instead of using the zip, but then couldn't figure out which part to sew first.  I think I got there in the end.

We also made some chocolate fudge brownies today.  They were so gooey and fudgey... yum!

I love chocolate.


  1. Pants are great. I don't think they are too chunky at all. Love the buttons and tie belt. Really sets off the chocolate brown.

  2. I love the pants! What pattern did you use?

  3. Thanks! I kind of modified the Plum Cargo Pants pattern from Ottobre Designs 1/2011. They are similar to those.