Mar 15, 2011

Jump Rope Dress

I decided yesterday that I was finally going to start my Jump Rope Dress.  I've had this pattern for a while and have heard so many great things about Oliver + S patterns so I was really excited about starting it BUT I was also worried that it looked a bit involved!  Well after some issues with my machine yesterday - which are all sorted now thankfully - I finally got it finished this afternoon!  

I say 'finally' although in reality it wasn't as involved as I thought it would be.  I was expecting it to be one of those projects that I just never get the time to finish, but it really didn't take that long at all to put together.  I will definitely make another one of these dresses, probably in the next size up next time though, as there isn't much room for her to grow in this one.  This was a size 2T. The fabric was something ridiculous like $3 a metre off ebay.

I just love the little details in this pattern.  The sleeves are the sweetest, I think.  The pockets are pretty cute too.

I didn't get many good shots of the dress as Katherine was more interested in harassing the cat...

...and rolling around on the ground.

She thought she was being clever here, evading photos... but I decided that just to spite her, I'd play around with my photo editing software and make a nice shot out of it anyway.

In other news, we also baked muffins, but I think that they'll all be gone by the time I get around to taking any photos of them... and you've all seen muffins anyway.


  1. This dress is just gorgeous. LOVE IT!!!

  2. It is gorgeous! I love the fabric you chose and those sleeves really are very sweet.