Mar 9, 2011

All in a day's work

I've had the pieces for these cut out for a while now, but finally started sewing them together yesterday.  I finished them this afternoon and have to say I'm pretty happy with them.  There are a few imperfections and if I was making them again (I'm tossing up whether to make another pair in chocolate corduroy) I'd make a couple of small changes but overall I think they're great.

The pattern was design 13 - Plum cargo pants - from from the Spring issue of Ottobre Design (1/2011).  I made a couple of changes from the original pattern - like leaving off the ties on the side pockets as I thought Katherine might struggle getting them done up/undone, and I only double topstitched the seams, rather than triple (to me the photos of the originals looked a bit "messy" with so much stitching.

They are a bit too big in the waist - should have gone with my gut instinct and made that elastic shorter even though it looked too small! - but I am thinking she'll grow into them.  In the meantime they can just be worn with a belt.

This is also the first time I've done a fly front so I was super proud of myself.

She wasn't in the mood for a fashion parade today so no photos of her wearing them unfortunately!  Maybe next time!


  1. They are fantastic - well done on the fly front

  2. Wow I wouldn't even attempt to sew those. Great job.

  3. Thanks guys! I'd definitely say it's the most structured thing I've made so far, but they weren't very difficult... just involved!