Mar 26, 2011

Is it Autumn yet?

I've been busy, but haven't been blogging.  Shame on me.

I've been getting a fair amount of sewing done in preparation for the cooler weather, and it seems like it's finally paid off.  The last couple of days have been pleasantly cooler, and I'm hoping it's going to stay that way for a while at least.

Anyway, I've got a fair bit to put up today, on account of my blogging slackness and all...

These are two Raspberry Stripe Tunics from Ottobre Design 1/2011.  I was only going to make one of these but after I made the first one I thought it was so cute (and easy!) that I had to do another!  I made them both in one morning.

This one is Riley Blake fabric - Brown Cowboy Dots, with some gorgeous floral interlock that I picked up from Spotlight on the clearance shelf for less than half price!

I'm calling this one "Strawberry Stripes."  The fabric is Riley Blake again - Pink Quite Contrary Berries, and once again the bottom half is some jersey I picked up from Spotlight at a recent sale. 

Just for something different I decided to try my hand at crocheting.  It's been a while since I've done any, and I wasn't sure how I'd go, but I think I did a reasonable job of whipping up this beanie for Katherine, and she loves it.  

I think it's the only item of clothing I have made for her so far that she didn't argue about having to try on.  Her usual reaction is something more like this:

I think it goes perfectly with the latest outfit that I've made her - the Oliver + S Hopscotch top and skirt.  I love this outfit, and I think she'll be getting a lot of wear out of this over the coming months.

The top is a size 2T and I've decided I'm re-making it in the 3T as it's just that teeny bit too short.  The fabric was some cheap cotton interlock I purchased on eBay.  The skirt is some red and pink spotted corduroy from Spotlight.

I think this is going to look so cute with the brown winter coat I've got planned....

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  1. The tops and the hats are great and I love the cheeky little model too! I have to try my first Ottobre soon - been putting it off in case it is hard.