Feb 28, 2011

I has a craft room!

Well, to be fair, it's a multi-purpose room.  It's a sun room, computer room, the kids play room & tv room, and it also has a fold-out bed!  You would be forgiven for thinking that this had to be one ridiculously sized room, but it's not.  It's a bit cramped, but I don't mind.  I finally have my very own space, with my own desk.

This was the room a few days ago:

And this is the room now:

My desk!  It's nothing special but it is certainly a step up from the dining room table!

We thought this warning on one of the storage boxes was amusing.  I mean, that is what we bought it for, but when we got home we managed to find a more appropriate use for it.

To celebrate I made this dress for Katherine.

I've had the flu so my brain power isn't what it should be.  Not sure if it was just the pattern or if it was me, but I just could not follow it.  About half way in I chucked the instructions away and did it my way.  I think it still turned out alright though.

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