Feb 14, 2011

Sew with a plan

While browsing the web for inspiration, I came across a new concept (new to me anyway) which really appealed to me.  It's called "sew with a plan" (SWAP) and basically it involves planning a season's wardrobe up front, with a small number of co-ordinating pieces that can be worn with each other, so you don't end up with a wardrobe full of clothes that don't go with anything.  This is kind of what I had been doing anyway, I just didn't know there was already a name for it - although in all honesty, planning is all I have been able to do since we moved as I haven't had access to my machine.

So anyway, I already had some ideas planned for co-ordinating outfits for Katherine's winter wardrobe.  BUT I really struggled with the SWAP concept of only having a base of 10 or 11 items.  This may work for adults, but I just think kids need more clothes - in Winter especially, where if we are layering, she could be wearing half of those items at any one time!  So I've decided to break it up into separate Autumn and Winter wardrobes.  I've got about a dozen items, give or take, planned for the Autumn wardrobe, and a few ideas for Winter too.  I'll make the colours similar so that her Autumn stuff can carry over into Winter too (a couple of basic long-sleeved tops, and some long pants which will do for both seasons).

Yesterday I cut out the first couple of items.  A tunic to be made out of this cute purple check fabric, and a pinafore made out of this retro heart-print brown and pink fabric.

I was also excited to receive my first ever copies of Ottobre Design in the mail yesterday!  Can't wait to try out some of these outfits!

Yesterday was also Valentine's day.  We ordered in and had pizza, but I did make some scrummy choc fudge self saucing puddings, as a special treat.

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  1. SWAP - you were on to it all along Melita! You are getting through your list and you are going to have so many cute items!

  2. Thanks Leesa! It is great now that I have finished a few pieces and can see how they are all starting to 'fit' together. Now we just need some cooler weather so she can start wearing some of them!