Oct 4, 2012

Little Lace Dress

I've been seeing lace everywhere lately.  Part of the whole "everything old is new again" movement, or - as I've seen it referred to recently - "old lady chic." I saw a photo of a beautiful little girls lace dress on one of my favourite blogs (No Big Dill - you can see the blog post here) a while back  and thought to myself "I have to make this!" Plus there have been so many beautiful dresses I have spied while out shopping that I thought I would just have to add some lovely lace to Katherine's summer wardrobe.

So anyway, here is what I came up with.  I used my favourite A-line dress pattern, cut front and back panels out of lace and lining (which was just some white cotton poplin), and a hem panel out of the lining fabric too, to sit on the front of the dress.  I also had to make up some little sleeves as the dress pattern I was using was sleeveless.  The sleeves aren't lined, just finished with a little bit of binding on the sleeve hems.

Katherine likes the dress and hopefully will get a bit of wear out of it.  I've never been afraid to dress my girls in white, for fear they will get their clothes dirty.  That's what Napisan is for, right?  Plus look at that face.  This girl would never get up to no good and ruin her clothes, would she?  Surely not!  (Don't you believe that for a second!)

The dress has buttons down the back and I even made a coordinating little hair clip.  The middle button on the hair clip is from my Nanna's button stash, to complete the pretty vintage look.

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  1. I really love this dress, well done.