Oct 9, 2012

KCWC - Day 2

So, day two of the challenge is drawing to an end (for me anyway). I managed to finish off Katherine's hat today and it was a great success!

She wore it all day, literally would not take it off - I had to wrestle it off her at dinner time tonight. I made this one out of some scraps of a floral printed cotton (just a cheapie from Spotlight, and I'd already made a dress and a top out of it, but I had just a little bit leftover that wasn't really going to be good for anything... until now) and some spotty yellow quilting cotton. Technically the quilting cotton wasn't a scrap, but it was a small piece I bought to add as a trim on a dress that I later decided not to make.

Katherine's hat is a medium, Ellie's is a small. My children must have small heads as I have mostly been hearing that this pattern runs on the small side, but I haven't had any trouble with the fit. If anything, there is still a bit of room to grow. Katherine is almost five and Ellie is two, just in case you were wondering about ages.

It didn't take me long to sew the hat together this morning so I also whipped up a super quick little Christmas skirt for Ellie. Seriously, it took me 15 minutes, with her sitting on my lap. She loves to help me sew, although her version of 'help' includes quite a bit of pressing the reverse lever on the sewing machine, removing the spool of thread, and opening and closing the little tool storage drawer.

She wanted to wear the skirt as soon as it was done, which was great, but by the time I followed her outside to take a photo of it, she had already been drenched by her sister, who had sneakily turned the hose on. Then she fell in on the wet ground and so inside we came, and the skirt ended up in the wash, and I didn't get my photo. You'll just have to take my word that I made it!

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