Oct 1, 2012

Are you in?

I am!  I first came across the Elsie Marley Kids Clothes Week Challenge earlier this year.  Sadly I couldn't join in as we were going away on holiday that particular week, but I loved seeing all the lovely things other people were creating (you can follow them on Flickr or Pinterest).  This time around, I'm definitely joining in!

Obviously I'll be making some more spring and summer things for my girls, seeing as it is that time of year for us here - and I'm hoping to get a few Christmas gifts completed as well, for my little nieces.  And the not so little ones too - they are growing so quickly I can hardly believe it.

What about you?  Are you in?


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I was super productive today and cut out a few things I want to make next week.

    1. I'm going to do some cutting over the weekend. I just hope I get enough time to sew next week!