Oct 25, 2012

A couple of hopscotch skirts

I have made a couple of hopscotch skirts this past week, as hubby has been working nights and I needed some quick projects to work on after the girls had gone to bed.

The first one I made out of some more Out to Sea fabric and the second one I made out of some scraps I had from a dress I'd made myself a while back (yes, it remains unblogged as do most things I make for myself!).  I only had half a yard of the Out to Sea fabric and I ran out of fabric to make the pockets with, which was ok as I wasn't quite sure how I was going to match the print anyway. I made a mistake with the plackets, forgetting that you actually place them after you have sewn the hem, so the print didn't line up - oops! But you can't really tell so it's not too big a deal.

I could have added pockets to the second one, I had plenty of fabric I could have used, but I really just wanted to make something quick. Plus both girls have developed a habit of bringing home pockets full of sand from kindy. No pockets, no sand. Well, they can always bring home sand in their shoes, but at least we can take these off outside before we come into the house!

Of course, with my husband working nights that means he's home more during the day. The girls loved having Daddy around a bit more earlier in the week. I snapped these photos while they helped him wash his motorbike.

Katherine seems to like the skirt - she picked it out to wear to Kindy today as well, along with her red striped shirt, and she got lots of comments from the teachers about her outfit when I dropped her off this morning. She told them she was dressed as a pirate!

I took some quick photos of the second skirt the next day - the weather can change so dramatically here from one day to the next, it really is insane.  It was so cold and windy here that we almost needed jackets!  The day before it had been almost unbearably hot.  

Not sure what we are going to do with all of our warm clothes when we move north - I doubt we'll need many jackets up there!


  1. The skirt looks great and i'm loving the hat! Did you sew that too?

    1. Thankyou! Yes, I made the hat as well, it's the Oliver + S Bucket Hat pattern, I have made quite a few of them now and it always sews up so beautifully.