Jul 1, 2012

Some Wintery Things

As usual, I have been doing more sewing than blogging lately. I've been busy working on some things for Katherine for Winter.

I bought this chocolate brown tweed fabric when Spotlight was getting rid of Winter stock last year.   I knew I wanted to use it to make a jacket for Katherine but didn't get around to it last year, so it sat in my stash instead. 

I found this pattern and thought I'd have a go at making the shorter jacket style in view B.

Here's how it turned out (excuse the chocolate bar - sometimes it takes a little extra encouragement to get my mini model to pose for my photographs!)


I made the size 4 and it's probably just a little bit too big for her.  I did add some length to the bodice though,  as on the pattern cover it looked like it would come up short.  I'm glad I did.    The sleeves though, are just a teensy bit too long - I actually did measure these on her before I sewed them up so I don't know what happened.  And once I had fit the lining I couldn't have been bothered unpicking it to shorten the arms.  Oh well, at least it will see her through the winter, and maybe next year if we are lucky?

The back has a little half belt tab thingy (I'm sure it has a technical name) and there are also cute little shoulder tabs as well.

I lined the jacket with some pink spotty satin that has a lovely soft cottony back, for extra warmth.  This was the first time I have made a lined jacket and although it's not perfect, I was really happy with how it turned out.

The other thing I've made is this cute poncho.  Has anyone else noticed them in the stores at the moment?  I didn't realise they were still in fashion.  Katherine chose this fabric herself ("the kitty fabric").  It's a polar fleece from Spotlight. 

I used McCalls 4912 (out of print) view B for this one - it's a hoodie style.  And partly because the fleece seemed a bit thin, partly because I can't stand doing things the easy way, I decided to line it as well.  I wanted it to be warm, and I wanted it to have a nicer finish as well.

I added a cute pom-pom trim around the bottom edge of the poncho to finish it off, sandwiched between the outer layer and the lining at the bottom.  Technically, it's fully reversible, but the lining is a bit thin and the kitten fabric is a lot nicer to have on show anyway.

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