Jul 22, 2012

Secret Agents 004 and 005

Ok, so I may have had just a teeny tiny problem putting the Oliver + S Secret Agent Trench coat pattern down.  I really wasn't planning on making so many of them, but it was so fun and easy to make, and the end result looks great.  Two of my nieces have scored a trench coat for birthdays already, and one more is about to receive this adorable strawberry version (in size 3) on the weekend.  I left the sleeve tabs and shoulder flap off this one, because I gave up trying to match the print!  Anyway, I think because the print is a bit busy, this simplified version still looks ok.

After seeing the red trench I made for my niece, my sister requested one of her own. At first she wanted a red one as well, but in the end she opted for a plain black one. I was a bit slack in getting started on this project so it has sort of become an early birthday present for her, which actually works out well as I wasn't quite sure what to get for her anyway! The weather is starting to warm up again now, so I hope she still gets some wear out of it.

My sister is tiny and will get away with the size 12.  If I was a couple of dress sizes smaller, I'd also be making one for myself.


  1. The trenches are great, I love tbem. I wish I was as talented.

    1. Thankyou :) It really is a great pattern but unfortunately (for me) only goes up to a kid's size 12. I would totally make one for myself if I didn't have to worry about sizing it up to cover all my bumpy bits!

  2. I really like the strawberry one...it's still a super cute jacket even with out the sleeve tabs and shoulder flaps. The black one is great too!