Sep 2, 2012

Time for a Puppet Show

Have I mentioned how much I love Oliver + S patterns?  I was so happy when they re-released a bunch of their discontinued patterns as PDFs.  I bought the Puppet show tunic/dress and shorts pattern, mainly for the shorts as I'd seen so many cute versions online.  With the warm weather coming up (any time now...) I finally had a reason to give this pattern a go, and as I've resolved to make more outfits and sets, I thought that I'd give the tunic a go as well.

Katherine chose some seersucker fabric from my fabric cupboard (we got it from Spotlight).  I actually had this fabric in mind for a less fussy summer shirt but 4 year old's can't be reasoned with, haha.  For the shorts I used what I think is a poly-cotton blend drill fabric, from my Nanna's stash that I recently raided on a trip to my mum's house!  This set is a 3T.  I thought about using the 4T length for the tunic but I was happy for it to be a shorter-length top rather than a tunic length for this time.

As with all Oliver + S patterns, it's the little details that really make them special.  I love these little sleeve cuffs on this top.  I didn't make a buttonhole with these like you are supposed to though, I just stitched the button straight on.  I used fabric covered buttons I made up in the same fabric as the top.

You can see on the shorts photo up top that I also trimmed the pockets with some piping and popped some fabric covered buttons on there as well.

The pattern didn't call for buttons at the front, but I thought some fabric covered buttons would be a nice touch here too.  The edges of the collar look puckered here, but honestly, they aren't (I had a panic and checked them after seeing this photo!).  I think it's just the texture of the fabric that makes them look a bit wrinkly on the edges.

To top it all off, I made a little twisted fabric flower hair clip out of some scraps.  I think this is a really cute little set and I can't wait until it's warm enough to be worn!


  1. Came over from TSL. Love this! All the details really make it!

    1. Thanks :) It is funny as I didn't really enjoy sewing this and to be honest found it a bit fiddly. But I really like the end result. All those lovely details are a bit of a double-edged sword with this one!