Sep 15, 2012

Handy Hair Clip Holder

A hair clip holder for my girls is something I've been wanting to make for a while now. Today I finally made not one, but two! A quick Google or Pinterest search will turn up endless styles of hair clip holders, but I'm going to share how I made mine today.

Handy Hair Clip Holder Tutorial

First, you'll need to get your materials ready.

Artists canvas (I just used a cheap one from the $2 shop) - choose whatever size you want your finished board to be.
Rectangle of fabric about 3 inches (7-8cm) bigger than your canvas all the way around
Staple gun
Rectangle of felt slightly smaller than your canvas 

Now, take your canvas and lay it on your fabric, face down.

Fold up the bottom edge of your fabric by about 1/2 inch, then fold again so that your folded edge meets the inside edge of your frame. Staple it down onto the frame close to each inside corner. Repeat with top edge, making sure fabric is pulled firmly across the front of the canvas (you don't want wrinkles in the finished product).

Fold in the corners as shown in the photo, then repeat the process of folding the fabric edge 1/2 inch, then folding again right up to the inside edge of the frame, for the two sides. Staple and pull fabric tight as you go.

Don't worry if the fabric seems a bit funny at the back - you're going to cover this up at the end anyway, with your felt.

Attach the ribbon by stapling onto each side at the back. Use as many rows as you like - I used three strips of ribbon as this seemed like a good number of rows for the sized frame I was using. Measure an appropriate distance between each row and mark this on the back of the frame before stapling in place.

Turn your frame over and check that the front is neat - now is the time to pull out any staples if your ribbons are crooked, or if your fabric is wrinkled.

At the back, staple a length of ribbon to the top of the frame if you are going to be hanging your hair clip holder on a wall.

Put your piece of felt over the back of the frame and staple around the edges. I also thought of getting my glue gun out for this step, but since I had my staple gun handy anyway, I just continued using that. You could glue if you wanted a staple-free finish as this will hide all the stapling you've done underneath.

Now you've got a handy way to display and store your little girls hair clips!

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