Aug 22, 2012

One scoop or two?

A few weeks (months?) ago I bought some fabric with the intention of making each of my girls an Oliver+S Ice cream dress. I was inspired by all of the colour block dresses that had been popping up around the place, like here, and here, and here. Oh, and there was also the one I made for my sister a little while back too.

Anyway, I enlisted Katherine's help to choose some colours and whaddya know, she chose pink for herself and blue for Ellie. The girls helped me layer up the colours and cut out the pattern - they loved it!  And they really like their finished dresses.

Katherine's pink dress was made up in size 5, but with some of the fullness taken out of the bodice (I was working with fat quarters here, so didn't have a lot of width to start with - plus she is a string bean!).  The heights of each the layers aren't cut exactly according to the pattern either, because I didn't have a whole lot of each colour, I had to use more of some fabrics and less of others.  And I also just made them with a regular old boring hem, because I didn't have enough fabric to make the double-layer hem that the pattern calls for.  Oops! 

Ellie's was the size 2T. Is the neck opening supposed to run small on these dresses? This one only just fits over her (small-to-average sized) head.

Now I wouldn't say the Ice cream dress is my favourite Oliver+S pattern, but I am happy with these dresses and I'm glad I can tick them off the to-do list.  The most important thing is that the girls are also happy with them - I'm guessing they'll get a lot of wear once the weather warms up a bit more for us (do you hear that, Spring?  You'd better hurry up and get here!).


  1. Hi Mellita,

    It's one of the EB sewing buddy group girls here. Gorgeous dresses. With regard to your post about the head hole - I made an icecream dress for my little girl last year and had the same problem - she is small for her age (she is nearly 3 and still wearing size 1 pants!), yet I had to adjust the head hole on the icecream dress as it was too tight a fit! Bit annoying, but at least now I know in case i use the pattern again.

    Thanks for the blog - I really enjoy it.

    1. Hi! My girls are also small for their age so I didn't think it would be an issue. Luckily I made the size 5 for my eldest and just took some fullness out of it, so she didn't have the same problem with hers. I find because she's tall and lean I am often left short in the armhole area if I make up the smaller size for her and I'm not particularly good at adding length there.

      Glad to hear you enjoy my blog :)