May 2, 2012

Secret Agent Trench

When I saw the new Oliver + S patterns last month I thought the Secret Agent Trench Coat pattern was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  I snapped it up, with plans to make one for Katherine and for my nieces birthdays this year.  Ellie will miss out as I couldn't justify buying the smaller size as well - but eventually she will get to wear big sister's coat once she grows out of it, so she will have to be happy with that I'm afraid!

So Niece #1 had a birthday last weekend and as such was the lucky first recipient of this trench, which was made up in red drill. I was a bit daunted at first, tracing it off and then cutting out the pieces, as there seemed like there were so many! But it really came together quite nicely and with a minimum of fuss. I also really enjoyed learning how to trim the seams with bias tape (although after I was done I read something online about using satin ribbon instead and wished I'd seen it before I made the coat! Oh well, next time...).

Unfortuately the photos that I took weren't great.  I really should have taken some photos at home, but we were a bit rushed on the day and I didn't have time before we headed off to my niece's birthday party.  Then it was raining and so the photos were taken inside where the lighting wasn't great, and I couldn't find a decent spot as there were kids everywhere

Inside view - the jacket is unlined and the seams are bias trimmed.  I'd never done this before, and it was a bit tricky to get the hang of it (Oliver + S instructions are for the most part very clear and easy to understand, but I ended up having to consult Google on this one!) but I love the end result.

I managed to get a pic of it being modeled but the birthday girl wanted to get back to her friends and so I didn't get a good one.  But this will have to do!

Incidently, this was a size 6 on a petite just-turned-7-year-old.  I did add an extra inch on the hem as I was worried about it coming up short.  If I was making it again, I wouldn't bother adding that length in as it would have been fine without it, but at least this way she can grow into it as the weather cools down.  It is a longer-style coat though so it didn't seem too big even though it is currently knee-length on her.

The only question now is what colour trench to make for Katherine....?

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  1. That looks great, well done!

    Perhaps a purple or Navy for Katherine?