Nov 2, 2011

Mummy's dress into little girls dress - part 2

I had so much fun cutting up my old blue dress and giving it a new life that I went rummaging through my wardrobe to see what else I could transform.  I've got so many clothes that I never wear - a mixture of poorly thought out impulse buys and old favourites that - let's face it - will probably never fit me again.

I found this dress that was a favourite when I was pregnant with Ellie.  Now it just makes me look pregnant.  It wasn't expensive, and I couldn't see myself wearing it any time soon, plus I really loved the fabric.

I had also seen this dress recently and really wanted to achieve a similar look. Yes, of course it is Pumpkin Patch!

I used this Pumpkin Patch dress for inspiration

I cut off the dress at the waist and made the dress the same way as the previous one, except for this one I didn't worry about the flutter sleeves, and I added a sash. The fabric was quite thin so I used the existing lining to line the dress. I also kept the original hem of the dress as it worked out to be a good length anyway and didn't really need hemming.  Here's the front:

And the back:

I also made a little headband with a yo-yo flower out of the scraps.

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