Nov 14, 2011

Katherine Does Colour Block

I went shopping the other day to buy some Summer clothes for myself.  One thing that I saw a lot of in the shops was colour blocking.  I love the look of it but really don't know if I could pull it off.... however I was sure I knew a certain mini fashionista who could.

I had a couple of fat quarter packs in various solid colours that I'd picked up at Spotlight a white ago.  The girls had appropriated them to use as sheets in their dolly's cot, and I was happy to let this arrangement continue until I found a use for them!  Sadly, Dolly no longer has any sheets (well, she has a yellow one somewhere, as nobody was giving up its whereabouts), but Katherine does have two cute little colour block maxi-dresses for her Summer wardrobe.

My favourite is the pink and orange.

I swear the hem is even, she is just standing awkwardly (honest)!

Back view.

I made a crossover front for this one, just for something different.


Side view.  I put a little split in the back of the skirt as it wasn't as full as I'd like.  There's still plenty of room for her to move in it though.

She picked these "flowers" for me while we were outside, and brought them in.  Now the house smells like onions.


  1. those dresses are super cute!!!i love the colours in the first one esp.

  2. Thank-you! They were so easy to make - used less than 4 fat quarters each and a little bit of bias tape.

    If only I was brave enough to make myself one!