Apr 10, 2011

A frilling afternoon...

I'm really happy with the way Katherine's winter wardrobe is coming together, but I am a little concerned that some of the colours might be a little bit boring for a 3-year-old who adores everything pink. Last week I tried to inject some colour into the mix with the watermelon cardi and stripe-sleeve tops. But I had a niggling feeling that there was something else missing... of course, skirts!

I really only had the Oliver + S hopscotch skirt on my 'to do' list. I decided to put together a couple of ruffle skirts - I thought these would be good as the ruffles would add bulk and help keep those little legs warm. Add tights and boots, I thought, and she will be cozy all Winter. They are also so easy to make! I knew that I wouldn't even need a pattern.

I followed this fantastic tutorial for the bottom half of the skirt. It's for a size 5-6 but I knew from experience - I've made two or three of these in the past - how to scale down the measurements to suit Katherine. I decided to do something different for the top half of the skirt though, so I cut into my never-ending (it would seem) piece of chocolate corduroy.  I decided to put some cute little pockets on the front, and a mock fly.  I added elastic at the back only.

This was the finished product:

Until I decided that my finished product was a little 'unfinished'.  I really felt like it needed another ruffle underneath there somewhere.  So this morning I fetched it out of the laundry basket and got back to work.  Two ruffles are much better, see?

And then of course it needed a belt.  Now it is complete (and very cute, if I do say so myself)!

Please excuse the state of my floors - I was sewing today 
when I should have been doing the vacuuming! 

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